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Thursday, 5 May 2016 | 01:45:00 | 0Comment

Hai and assalamualaikum fellas ..
huiii !! its has been a month tanam anggur yang tak berbuah-buah or being suri rumah tangga for my parents also my adik yang lol tuuu,, cepat lah dapat kerja, whatever kerja lah janji i got money and i wanna buy something and ofcourse for raya too ?

idk ? you all can guess if shera enter this blog that means shera maybe sad, maybe disappointed ...

i dont know ??

first things when i saw that tweet i feel sad,, very very sad . . when erghhhhhhhhhhh !!
i don't want to story about it because benda dah lapuk mean benda yang people bosan nak dengar
you all pun sama mesti tak nak dengar pun this story but i feel lonely , i want someone special in my
life like before mean someone yang dengar masalah kita and always ermmm like couple do ,, like before,, i miss that memory being in love with somebody but what can i do , no man want me and i have too wait .. yaa yaaa good things take time but how long ?? ermmm i lonely .. when i saw that girl give expensive present i feel oh ! long time a go i only can give that boy a cake , not too expensive,, never treat that guy .. ohhh !! totally disappointed .. am i bad ? ermmm i don't know what i feel right now ! idk ?

and Nacik pun dah bahagia with new one , yang dulunya meroyan bagai nak gila dekat twitter and he always teach me " selalu memaafkan people" dia bagi 5 perkara to be happy but shera forget lah yang memaafkan itu salah satunya and lagi satu ialah selalu sebarkan aura positive kat dalam badan kita supaya kita tak murung or whatever lah

shera suka kat orang yang tak akan suka kat shera balik ,, ermm like syok sendiri pun ada kan ? ermm
ermmm whateverlah ! nak type pun malas and its complicated sooo ermmm

bye !

oh forgot lah

its has been 2 years he left our family ,, i miss bum-bum soo much ! kalau dia still ada mesti shera tak bosan macam sekarang kan .. hmmm

ok bye !

1.45am 5/5/16