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why!!! he not chat with me ??}
Friday, 3 June 2011 | 13:19:00 | 0Comment

hello . urmmm . nmpk dye on9 xpi dye x chat pown ngn shera
huh . sdihny . slaluny dye mmg chat ngn shera mybe shera prasaan jewp kowt xpew lh
I guess I'm not supposed to correct quickly fall in love if i know it is painful
I do not fit with him. he is too good. I'm afraid to disappoint him
Why? I can not want to fall in love again
I've tried the best but to no avail
I've tried to get rid of him in my mind but to no avail
he has more important people in her life but not me
I can accept. I already do not care because he was too selfish so too many people get hurt because he
he was too selfish. she is too ego. when she was sad she came looking for me but if he is happy he is far from me
I can accept. I was trying to get rid of him and forget about him. he is already not important in my life. I already started hating him.
now I'm already falling in love with her ​​own best friend. I do not know how could happen but he is really pleasing me
as the saying Kahlil Gibran
'' cinta datang kepada orang yang masih punya harapan walaupun mereka telah dikecewakan . kepada mereka yang masih percaya . walaupun telah dikhianati
kepada meraka yang ingin mencintai . walaupun mereka telah disakiti sebelumnya dan kepada mereka yang mempunyai keberanian dan keyakinan untuk membangunkan kembali kepercayaan''
so dengan kepercayaan yang shera ada niewp shera nak kumpulkan
kekuatan untuk jatuh cinta sekali lagi . YOU!!
hehehe . try do forget that guy and try to remember new guys . he very caring person
kne taip ari senyum niewp sbb shera sdah jatuh cinta!!!
ok ok lah shera nk tnggu dye blik dri smbhyang jumaat so
sayonara uolsss