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Sunday, 21 December 2014 | 11:30:00 | 0Comment

HĂ aaaaaaaaaai ! Baru hari ni ada masa nak type new entry . . senany ada je masa cuma tak tahu nak type ape kan ? So today i decided new entry about that tittle . . hurmm
Its been 3 weeks you leave me . . its has been 3 weeks i stand without you . Not share my problem to you . . this is what you wnat . you want me to stand by my own feet and  how i miss you a lot . really2 miss you . . if kite like dlu mesti right now kite tengah keluar sesame . . hurmmm tapi semua tu dalam mimpi ai je . dia dah pandang ai dah . hurmm what im going to say . . im quite jeles tengok lovebird yg dok post picture kat insta . ada yg gf dy study abroad tapi bf dy snggup dtg for visiting . Ad yang pergi vacation same2 . hurmmm quite jeles because dulu kite macam tu tapi sekarang kite dah jadi stranger . dah tak bertegur sapa . dah tak contact each other hurmm . .  i miss your laugh . your annoying attitude . your bad attitude . . i miss your nose . your shoulder . . i miss you soo much . i miss your nagging like nenek tua kerepot . i miss you soo much . . hurmm i miss you become my driver who always bring me to anywhere that i want to go . . i miss you smell who i always put my nose at your shoulder yg you selalu bebel sebab buat benda tu kat public . . how can i forget that memory . every single night you keep enter my dream . . you say you will come back . . you want me to wait . . hurmmm i give you time . . ambil lah banyak mana pun . my heart always syg you . never change at all . . im sorry for our perkenalan ai banyak susahkan you . your time,energy,money expecially the most important and im sorry enter you social sides . . im just want to know how condition you are . . you say you want me to forget you but its not easy way to do that . its hard . . but you ? I saw you happy without mee . . you ok without me ? I dont want anyone else except you . . you tahu ai mcm mana . you understand ai macam mna . ai tak ada kawan yang mcm you . yg memahami ai mcm mana like you always say yang you bukan kenal ai semalam . but you know me from we start contact each other . . ai tak ada kawan yang ai nak luahkan all my feeling . ai tak ada kawan yg sanggup teman ai mcm you buat . . no one . . i just want you but you dont . you say you want me to do what i want to do . my dream always related dgn you . ai tak sakit hati kalau you tak layan ai sbb ai always paham yang you busy but ai sakit hati kalau you tinggalkan ai but you dah buat dah . hurmmm . . i miss you a lot from you though . . i miss the old of us . . please come back and become syafiq yang dulu